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Space-Qualified Electronics Manufacturing

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The “Space Race” of the 20th century was a time of unprecedented progress where nations competed to develop superior spaceflight capabilities. Today, with funding from private and commercial entities such as Amazon, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic, the “Space Race” has returned in the form of satellites, spacecraft payloads, and launch vehicles. Jim Apfel, Senior Vice President Commercial Strategy, explores the evolution of the space industry and the market demands for space-qualified electronics in the the March issue of Global SMT & Packaging Magazine.

Global SMT & Packaging Volume 22 • Number 3Global SMT & Packaging is a global media brand that delivers print magazines, websites, newsletters, podcast and video programming to  electronics manufacturers across the world. Global SMT & Packaging readers span a wide range of different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, military, medical, industrial, consumer and telecoms, but are also at the forefront of emerging technologies such as driverless cars, drones, wearables, 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart factory, smart city and many new medical advances.

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