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ATE PCBs Demand Quick Turn and High Quality

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Producing top quality automatic test equipment (ATE) printed circuit boards (PCBs) requires design experience and savvy design techniques to assure chip testers achieve the highest accuracy possible. Chipmakers are producing their products faster, and as a result, are eager to perform the testing as soon as possible. Jim Apfel, Senior Vice President Commercial Strategy, explores the nuances of the demands for high-quality, quick turn electronics manufacturing for device interface boards (DIBs) in an industry where chip fabrication times are rapid in the digital publication EEWeb.

A member of the Aspencore Network, EEWeb is the go-to site for users of electronic design tools. In addition to providing a suite of free design, verification, and analysis tools, EEWeb is the home for experienced and novice designers alike to share tips and to ask and answer questions. The peer-driven, interactive site includes a forum of multiple discussion threads, technical communities, a library of projects, and a wealth of articles on design tools, tips, techniques, and technologies.

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