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Addressing the Need

Broadband Wireless Technologies (Broadband Wireless) supplies radiofrequency (RF) and microwave amplifiers to commercial and government customers in the telecommunications, defense, aerospace, and medical industries. Their engineering experts specialize in custom designs that achieve unique communications requirements while meeting rigorous size, weight, power, and environmental constraints. 

Using state of the art techniques, Broadband Wireless designs, develops, and manufactures a wide variety of custom wireless amplifiers from 200 MHz to 28 GHz including multicarrier, linearized, high-efficiency, bidirectional, and low-noise technologies. Naprotek supports Broadband Wireless in every development phase from initial prototyping through streamlined assembly.



In the development of custom RF amplifiers, reliability and quality manufacturing go hand-in-hand. These circuits are carefully designed, modeled, and simulated to meet their functional requirements and require specialized soldering, inspection, tuning, and testing techniques to produce.

With purpose-built manufacturing facilities, Naprotek incorporates dedicated quality assurance processes to ensure high production yield through all stages of assembly.  This includes 3D x-ray inspection following reflow soldering, which allows technicians to quickly and non-destructively detect soldering faults. 

As a supplier to customers in regulated industries, Broadband Wireless can rely on Naprotek's compliance and certification to relevant industry standards and regulations. For devices that have additional quality management and auditing requirements such as medical devices, Naprotek’s established quality systems ensure that products are reliable. 

X-Ray Inspection




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“When it comes to difficult and complex requirements, we know we can count on Naprotek to work with our design teams to provide the manufacturing expertise needed to realize our vision.”

Judy Comish
Vice President
Broadband Wireless Technologies

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