Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider
Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider
Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider
Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider
Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider


Founded in 1995, Naprotek is located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We bring your concepts and products to market on-time, with the highest quality possible.  Naprotek sets the standard for high-quality prototypes and Made-in-America production with a focus on complex and highly engineered products.

Quick Turn NPI

It’s the cornerstone of our service. It separates us from everyone else and helps explain why our customers bring us their most challenging projects. We just get them done.

Design For Manufacturability

In the ever-expanding world of design, it’s virtually impossible to stay current with every technology and trend. Naprotek is here to help. We know what works and what doesn’t.

PCBA Assembly, SMT and BGA

We got this….it’s who we are and what we do. From the smallest SMT parts in the world, to the largest BGA packages, Naprotek literally lives these technologies.

System Integration

Naprotek goes well beyond the PCBA. If you need a total solution provider including box-level assembly, test, and ship, we can help. We handle both consigned and full turnkey projects, and ship to your location or direct to your customer.

Test and Inspection Solutions

IPC, J-Standard, ISO 9000, 9001, 13485, GIDEP, ICT, Flying Probe Test….we speak all of these languages fluently at Naprotek.

Supply Chain Management

It’s hard to launch a rocket with no fuel. Likewise, the maufacturing process doesn’t go very far without materials. Knowing how to source materials, and being good at sourcing the hard to get materials is the key. It’s even more important when the project is time-sensitive.


Naprotek”… it’s synonymous with passion and commitment. It’s what we do….in everything we do. No shortcuts, and no compromises. We take your time-sensitive requirements and execute with precision to bring your product or concept to market on time and with the highest quality possible. Our team is ready to show you what performance really means. It’s what drives us to continually achieve the highest recognition from our customers. No excuses, only results that you expect from an industry-leader.


Challenges, timelines, new technologies, deadlines…..sound familiar? We hear it all the time at Naprotek. We have developed our skills by listening to our customers and responding to their needs. You simply can’t survive in this highly-competitive market unless you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. At Naprotek, we have successfully created a truly unique customer experience. From early concept to production, you can’t duplicate our recipe for success anywhere else. Bring on your challenges, timelines, new technologies, and deadlines….We are here, and we know how to help…  


Silicon Valley’s High Reliability EMS Provider


Long Life Cycle Product Support

You don’t stay in business for over 20 years without getting very good at things! Long life cycle support is one of them. Let us help.

Scalable Regional Support

Our business flexibility included being ahead of the curve to offer scalable support. From international resources, power and logistics, we create a future vision to support your needs.

Mission Critical Product Support

24 x 7 / 365 days a year if needed. Your success is how we measure our success. We are here when you need us.

Cutting Edge Technology Support

State-of-the-Art equipment coupled with extraordinary engineering and a passion for success. We are ready for tomorrows technology needs.


We handle the evolving designs that move from the back of the napkin to finished product at lightening speed. Go ahead and make ECO changes…we are used to it!

New To Outsourcing

Outsourcing 101….we can teach you. Lets us take the pressure off. You have other things to worry about.