Northrop Grumman Xetron

I recently had a very complex board that went through your process several months ago in which we were completely “hands-off” with our involvement. The boards came back after production with no manufacturing related issues. Here is a quote from a report that I am submitting to a customer regarding this:

“The table above shows that all of the Physical Inspection tests did pass. The manufacturer of the Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) is a company known as Naprotek out of San Jose, CA. We have made this company one of our trusted CCA providers and they have done a tremendous job at providing quality products. The results from the Physical Inspection tests is in line with our typical results from this supplier.”

I haven’t physically been to your sight in a while, but I wanted to let you know that I’m still out here and still very much an advocate for your products. Thank you for supporting us and for continuing to be a quality provider of the products we produce!

Broadband Wireless

Let me take this opportunity to commend you both on all your hard work and dedication to help us to meet our customers demands. You have gone above and beyond to ensure that the jobs get done in a timely fashion with exceptional quality (as usual) and at a reasonable price. The service that I receive from you both is what keeps me coming back for more business. If we ever have an issue (which is very rare) you jump on it immediately and make sure it gets resolved. I have enjoyed working with you both over the years and here’s to many more years to come!

Gardetto Engineering LLC

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it has been working with your Program Manager for the past few months. She really helped us to transition all of these jobs from Praxis when we really didn’t have a lot of knowledge regarding the process. She was always pleasant, helpful and patient with a very quick response. Also, we had several jobs processing at one time and she was able to manage them and keep us all updated. I Can’t thank her enough for making this process so smooth for us. She was outstanding! We look forward to working with you all in the future.”

Lockheed Martin (GOES)

This award is presented to Naprotek, Inc. in recognition of their going above and beyond expectations building electronic board assemblies for the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Geostationary Lighting Mapper (GLM) instrument.

The GLM Program Management Team

Aerospace Customer

“I can let you know now that your customer service is overall fantastic. You’ve been very quick to point out issues and to get them resolved. You’ve also been very good about keeping me up to date with schedule and process. Thank you for that!”